It happens a great number of times each month when customers receive software from magneXium team and we deliver simplicity to be your solution.

Simple solution is a unique synthesis of our team intelligence, powerful engine, stunning design, and user experience that leads to revolutionise for your business, enabling you to get a better life. We deliver increasing benefit, reducing cost, providing comfort, integrating information, and happiness, powered by the trustable software company.

Our Partner


By using our best experiences and the most reasonable technology, we are the solver who deals with your problems in a wide variety of industries. We are the expert in Re-engineering Work Flow, eBusiness and eCommerce, Web and Mobile App, Social Media Marketing, eLearning and CAI, IT Training, and IT Consulting.

Know Your Problems

Find The Solution

Work Out Together

Go for Success

Our Customers

We value our customers by working together as a partner, and providing high quality products and services at a fair price.

Life Simplified

Helping to solve your strategic challenges, we make the complex to simple.

Powerful Engine

Our finest engine is provided for your best solution.


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Wadket Sub-District,
Muang Chiang Mai District,
Chiang Mai Province,
Thailand 50000

Mobile: +66 8 1472 5891


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